Driver programs for Sensors and NTP

Bosch BME280 Temp., Humidity and Pressure Sensor
Bosch BME280 The Github Repository has the driver for operating a Bosch BME280 humidity, pressure and temperature sensor via I2C on a Raspberry Pi. I used it with an AE-BME280 module, and an unbranded module. On the AE-BME280, the J3 solder pad needs to be bridged for enabling I2C mode.
Bosch BNO055 9-Axis IMU Sensor with Fusion
Bosch BNO055 The Github Repository has the C driver program for operating a Bosch BNO055 IMU sensor via I2C on a Raspberry Pi. I used it with a GY-BNO055 and a Adafruit BNO055. On the GY-BNO055, I had to bridge two solder pads for enabling I2C mode, because serial mode was default. Later I switched to Adafruit for the superior quality and the onboard 5V-level support.
UltraLink 325 WWVB Time Receiver for NTP
UltraLink 325 Description and driver for using a UltraLink 325 WWVB time receiver as a clock source with the NTP daemon under Solaris (Linux, other Unix). The receiver is discontinued, and the driver is kept for reference only.