SunTracker2 Revision 4

This prototype is a follow-up project to SunTracker2 Revision 3, expanding into dual-axis control with optical endstops, GPS, wireless data transmission (XBee), and a 2.8" TFT display.

Code and build resources are in the FM4DD Github Repository, and in the Hackaday Project Repo

The design target is a self-orienting dual-axis, scheduled, Arduino-based solar tracker model, demonstrating PV panel orientation for both Elevation and Azimuth angles (dual-axis). The Sun orientation is achieved through pre-calculated solar position data for a specific geographic location and time (scheduled).

Functional Design

In order to clearly understand, demonstrate and validate the sun tracking function, a 48 dual-color LED ring represents the horizon with north, sunrise and sunset indicators. A green indicator displays the suns daily movement over time. Two NEMA stepper motors align the solar panel model with the sun.

Board Components

Mainboard, PCB

Mainboard PCB, bottom layer

Mainboard, fully populated

Mainboard, TFT display layout

Displayboard, PCB

Displayboard, IO Expander close-up

Mainboard and Displayboard connected

Device Assembly

Code and Resources

FM4DD Github Repository Hackaday Project Repo