CharLCD PMOD This PMOD interfaces a HD44780-compatible 5V character LCD module via two PMOD connectors. This design connects all 8 data signal lines, and allows to run the LCD in both 4-bit and 8-bit mode.


The build-in power booster/level converter translates 3.3V PMOD power and signal levels to 5V. Its physical size matches LCD modules such as the Sunlike HUOB-XA-G-G. The resistor RV1 controls the contrast.


CharLCD PMOD Schematics

PCB Gerber

CharLCD PMOD Github Repo

Module Pin Assignments

2x Type 1A connectors:

Pin Label Description Pin Label Description
1 d[7] LCD Data-7 1 en LCD EN Signal
2 d[5] LCD Data-5 2 rs LCD RS Signal
3 d[3] LCD Data-3 3 - Not connected
4 d[1] LCD Data-1 4 - Not connected
7 d[6] LCD Data-6 7 rw LCD RW Signal
8 d[4] LCD Data-4 8 - Not connected
9 d[2] LCD Data-2 9 - Not connected
10 d[0] LCD Data-0 10 - Not connected

iCEBreaker FPGA

CharLCD PMOD on iCEBreaker